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Twenty Somethings

Feb 25, 2019

This week's episode is a throwback to a trial episode recorded last April, when we were still toying with the idea of doing podcasts. It is our first "episode" ever!

Unfortunately this week, though they had a great guest planned, Grant and Keith both succumbed to the flu and couldn't get an episode in....

Feb 18, 2019

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Keith and Grant invite The Bad Movies Podcast host Gianni Damaia on to be the guinea pig for their new weekly segments. The result was a podcast episode that goes literally all over the place, and truly needs to be listened to to grasp the full scope of weird that we are...

Feb 11, 2019

Keith and Grant test out some new segments on this week's Layovers episode. We touched on our high's and lows of the week, competed for the most ridiculous news headline, and dissected reddit's unpopular opinion's. 

Some topics included are: 


Meth on the Death Bed 

The true meaning of "Wacky Tobaccy"

Fiji Model "Bit...

Feb 4, 2019

Alas! We have a guest! 

Grant and Keith welcome their good friend Zack Signore onto Twenty Somethings this week to talk about his recent re-relocation back to Brooklyn from the gridlock traffic of West Hollywood. We end up kicking it for a couple of hours and talking about everything under the sun - from the sexiness...