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Twenty Somethings

Aug 27, 2018

April is the lead frontwoman for The Rose Monarcha New York-based alternative rock band. You can check out their music on iTunes and Spotify, with hits such as Cover to Cover and Breathe In. Be on the look out for new music soon, and be sure to check out our "Totally Not in a Basement" session with her below! 



Aug 11, 2018

Dylan Owen is an alternative rap artist from New York. His confessional, introspective rap music bridges indie and alternative sensibilities. You can check out his music on iTunes and Spotify, with hits such as Ghosts, and stellar new tracks, like Mourn and Break Some Ice.


Dylan's Website

Twitter: @DylanOwenMusic

Aug 11, 2018

For Episode 2, we bring to you a guest very special to our heart - Jesse James Keitel. Jesse is an actor and drag artist living in NYC. They recently starred in the indie film, Like Glass, portrayed the role of "Sidney" in Netflix's Alex Strangelove and portrayed the non-binary character of "Tam" on the TV series 

Aug 11, 2018

Welcome to Twenty Somethings, a show that hosts a series of long form conversations with new guests each week - usually young go-getters that are making waves in whatever industry they’re involved with.  Our guests range from scientists to actors to artists all in the hopes of capturing an intimate picture of what...